From Ally to Advocate

June 22, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
From Ally to Advocate @ online

This training will discuss how you can go beyond merely an ally and become an advocate for people regarding issues of sexuality. We will explore techniques and resources designed to help you empower someone to explore and express their sexuality, help them make decisions that allow for some risk while preventing catastrophic consequences, to go below the surface of a behavior to understand it from a different perspective, and recognize the role trauma plays in a person’s sexual development.

Learning Objectives:
● Using a person-centered approach to understand someone’s sexual support needs
● Gathering key information when people share about their sexuality
● Having conversations with parents and legal guardians about sexual issues
● Engaging in sexual supported decision-making
● Responding to sexual crises
● Providing trauma-sensitive case management

Primary Audience:
This training is designed for anyone supporting another individual (such as medical and mental health professionals, case managers, care team members, etc.) who will need to advocate for, and support, their healthy sexual development. It is especially helpful when the person you are supporting experiences I/DD or neurodiversity.