WA State Children’s Behavioral Health Statewide Family Network (SFN) Open Forum Meeting

January 23, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
WA State Children's Behavioral Health Statewide Family Network (SFN) Open Forum Meeting @ online

This meeting is held every other month and is the Open Forum General Meeting for the Community Connectors and those interested in hearing more about the SFN. The meeting includes updates from WSCC, updates from our community partners, and a training segment.

The Statewide Family Network has the unique opportunity to bring together family leaders, parents/caregivers in the children’s behavioral health community, FYSPRT Family Tri-Leads, and other organizations’ representatives to share space, have conversations, and plan the upcoming work of the Statewide Family Network, as well as strengthen our toolbox or gain new knowledge about a relevant topic. This is YOUR network. Come help us make it all we want it to be and be a part of positive change within the community! There is space for you and your perspectives, lived experiences, and ideas!