Wherever You Are: Annual NAMI Washington State Conference

September 17, 2022 all-day
online and in-person
2300 Evergreen Park Dr SW
Wherever You Are: Annual NAMI Washington State Conference @ online and in-person

Conference Description:

It is oft said that chaos creates a pathway to opportunity, a chance to do something different, to change and grow and reach out to others and move ourselves and our communities (however they are defined) along existing and new pathways to brighter futures. Starting from wherever we are right now, we can look behind us and acknowledge all the elements that in recent years have beaten us down and lifted us up. We can grieve those whom we have lost and be simultaneously thankful for all the big and little lessons learned through global challenges and intensely personal experiences. No matter where we are – geographically, behaviorally, medically, financially and personally – we can embrace the potential for change and the possibilities of the future. After two difficult years, it is time to once again look forward.

Confucius is attributed as the first person to articulate the popular saying “No matter where you go, there you are.”

And where, then, is NAMI Washington? Right there with you, every step of the way, wherever you are!

We have your back:

  • As you seek information about mental illness or a new diagnosis.

  • When you reach out for help for yourself or a loved one the first time or the hundredth time.

  • As you offer knowledge and support and comfort to another person.

  • When you are feeling confused or lost or alone.

  • As you learn to manage your own mental challenges with self-respect and dignity.

  • When your teen is demonstrating signs of potentially suicidal thinking.

  • On your computer, in your home, workplace, neighborhood, military base, school, church, library or community center.

  • In 19 affiliates across Washington State and on the internet.

  • As you advocate with your elected officials locally and statewide for increased resources, improved programs and better access to mental health services for everyone!

  • Whether you attend the conference in person in Olympia or join via the internet from your couch.

For this year’s conference, we are seeking and hope to present information about where we are in our understanding and treatment of mental illness, recent gains and setbacks, and compelling stories of resilience, courage, and strength. Wherever we are together, we can use the chaos that we witness across the globe and in our own communities to strengthen our pathways and to step onto new ones.