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The National Insitute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to test a new mobile app to help depressed teens involved in juvenile justice and/or illegal behaviors who also experience self-harm and/or suicidal feelings. The app will help parents, too. Both youth and parent must participate together. Both will get to use the app on their phones however they want for four (4) months, during which period they will meet with us four (4) times for no longer than one (1) hour each time and complete surveys online. Both youth and parent will be compensated $40 each for each of these four (4) meetings and a bonus of $30 dollars each for completing all four (4) study appointments.  Families can earn up to $400 if all study appointments are completed.

Who’s eligible:

  • Youth (15-21 y/o) and their parents/guardians.
  • Both fluent in English.
  • Both have a smartphone.
  • Living in the same household 5 days/week.
  • Youth involved with juvenile justice (probation, re-entry services, etc.); or history of police contact due to engaging in illegal behaviors.
  • Youth has been depressed, suicidal, or engaged in self-harm.

Interested? Contact us!

Email: research@jasprhealth.com

Call or Text: 253-379-1860

Interested participants can also fill out their contact info here and we will contact them from there.

More information about the study can be found here.

Timeline: We are currently enrolling participants!

Deadline for signing up: November 30th, 2023.